Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Birth of H.E.R.O.E.S. & INK

The idea actually came to mind quite a few years ago after a rather bad incident at Walmart! I was there late one evening to grab a few things while my husband waited in the car. I was rather pregnant at the time and just having one of those days! My feet hurt terribly and I was worn out and just wanted to get in and out quickly. I grabbed and cart and started off and wouldn't you know it, I got one of those carts with a wheel with a mind of it's own. At any other time it would have been no big deal, but at that moment I was so not in the mood for it! So I left it right where it was at and went to get another cart. The next one I got had the part of the strap to buckle a child in caught on the cart behind it and would not budge as I pulled it! At that point I was nearly in tears! The store "greeter" walked over and very curtly " said to me " All you have to do is unhook it. It's not that hard". At that point I really almost cried! I took the cart and quickly walked away!

Later I thought about how easily he could have been my hero! Seeing that I was struggling and rather pregnant he could have instead walked over and said" Ma'am, let me help you with that"! I would have cried out of gratefulness and it would have taken no more effort at all!

I realized that if we take the time to care, we can all be a hero to someone and it most often doesn't cost us a thing, just a bit of our time! We can encourage someone who is down, we can lift someones spirits with simple gestures sometimes as simple as saying "Thank You" or taking the time to send a note. Sometimes it's as easy as a genuine smile to the tired cashier or the waitress that is working a double and forgot the ketchup!

HEROES stands for Hope & Encouragement Reaching Out Everywhere Simply! INK because in the e-mail age we can't begin to imagine how much it would mean to someone to get a handwritten note in the mail!

My prayer is that you will join me in being a HERO to those around you!


  1. What a grand idea - I LOVE IT! You have me, my support and whatever else I can do - You have hit the mark in my heart. I am so blessed to have you in my life - you are my hero!!!!

  2. Grace, Thank you! You are going to make me cry! My dearest friend, I pray that someday we can meet in person!!